IMDEX/CASCABEL covers both sides of the border. IMDEX is based in Tucson, AZ and Minera Cascabel’s headquarters and primary base of operations is located in Hermsoillo, SON with branch offices in Chihuahua, CHIH and Zacatecas, ZAC. We work Mexico from the USA border all the way down to Guatemala.

IMDEX/Cascabel currently have over 15 experienced Mexican geologists, geotechnicians, permitting experts, landmen, expediters and office support personnel on staff, all of whom understand the needs of the international mining community and what it takes to get things done in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America. Our bilingual contact persons make communication between client and field personnel straightforward. Our diverse staff allows us to offer a full range of services, up to complete turnkey exploration management operations where we also handle the tax, accounting, and insurance aspects of your program. We also have contacts for a broad range of experienced Mexican specialty consultants as needed.

The exploration scene in Mexico has matured significantly over the last 15 years. Many major discoveries have been made and reconnaissance exploration has largely given over to advanced drilling programs which temporarily require trained geological and technical support. We can quickly supply you the people you’ll need and eliminate the problems inherent in staffing up or importing personnel from outside of Mexico.

More significantly, changing political realities have resulted in a considerable increase of governmental and environmental permitting requirements which materially affect exploration: especially advanced-stage projects. Getting permits in a timely fashion is obviously vital and requires knowledge of the governmental agencies involved and the people within these agencies who approve applications. We have dedicated specific individuals to learning the ins and outs of this bureaucratic process and have successfully permitted many projects. Permitting requirements are expected to increase in the future and we intend to keep our facilitators abreast of any changes so that we can continue to get your permitting problems resolved as quickly as possible. We also work closely with Mexican geotechnical and environmental specialists.

* Full Range of Professional and Geotechnical Services
* Accounting, Tax, and Paralegal Services
* Experienced Mexican Personnel
* Familiarity with all aspects of New Permitting Requirements
* Bilingual Contact Personnel…Who Also Understand Geology
* Confidential, Competitive and Cost Effective
* Rapid Response to your Personnel, Permitting, and Logistics Needs