Computer resources within IMDEX/Cascabel are run through GeoSerTech S.A. de C.V., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Minera Cascabel. GeoSerTech is based in Hermosillo with offices connected to Minera Cascabel that are adnimistered by an in-house IT specialist, Ing. Julio-Cesar Siles. Technical support include digitizing tables, engineering plotters and AutoCad, MapInfo and ArcGIS software packages for any kind of computerization of map data and/or presentation of geological or geochemical data in plan or section.

On consignment, IMDEX/Cascabel will do detailed property or district-scale research including copies of any references, maps etc. When combined with up-to-date Land Research available through Minera Cascabel, these work-ups are often a fast-track to what’s happened previously and what is presently happening at a given property.