Permitting requires presenting preliminary, interim and final reports to several different governmental agencies. We have personnel experienced in all current aspects of this process and intend to keep them current as requirements increase in the future. In addition, we have contacts for the biological and botanical reports required for pre-production “Environmental Impact Statements”.

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Research Products and Services

Computer resources within IMDEX/Cascabel are run through GeoSerTech S.A. de C.V., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Minera Cascabel. GeoSerTech is based in Hermosillo with offices connected to Minera Cascabel that are adnimistered by an in-house IT specialist, Ing. Julio-Cesar Siles. Technical support include digitizing tables, engineering plotters and AutoCad, MapInfo and ArcGIS software packages for any kind of computerization of map data and/or presentation of geological or geochemical data in plan or section.

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Personnel Services

Many companies prefer not to assume the costs and frustrations of dealing with accounting, insurance, social security, layoff and withholding requirements in Mexico…especially for short to medium-term employees. We offer a full range of services that can cover as many of these features as you desire…up to a turnkey package including complete accounting and payroll services.

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Geological Services

IMDEX/CASCABEL have experienced personnel ready to tackle virtually all aspects of your exploration project. We tailor our service to YOUR needs and maintain the flexibility to adjust as your projects evolve. If we can’t do it ourselves, over 21 years of working in Mexico providing services to the mining industry has allowed us to work with most specialty subcontractors in the country and develop a network of contacts that blankets the country. Although we specialize in non-ferrous metals exploration throughout Mexico, we also have experience in industrial minerals and water.

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Land Work

Complete land status research in Mexico requires examining records kept in local, district, and Mexico City offices of various mining agencies. By law, many of the most important aspects of land research, claim filing, claim surveying, and tying into the National Mining Survey Grid may only be done by licensed landmen called “Perito Mineros”. We have experienced Peritos on staff to handle work in the local and regional offices of the Agencia and Delegacion de Minas and we also have a Perito Minero/Land Consultant on retained in Mexico City for research and trouble-shooting in the Direccion General de Minas and Registro Nacional de Minas. Our Peritos are also very experienced filing claims from 20 to 250000 hectares. They have access to modern gps-based surveying equipment and excellent records for having their claim applications accepted.

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