IMDEX/Cascabel has evolved significantly over the last twenty years and we are modifying our web presence to reflect that. Along those lines, we plan to use this blog-style forum to keep the exploration and mining sector informed about any developments that may have an impact on the mineral exploration and mining scene throughout Mexico.

After a long hiatus IMDEX/Cascabel is totally re-doing its’ website and bringing it more in-line with current web standards. We first went online back in 1996 (with a dial-up modem), but things have changed radically on the internet since then especially in terms of bandwidth delivery, 24/7 news feeds, blogging and social networking.

The old “Un-Official Mining Directory of Mexico” was a good idea during the early to mid-1990’s exploration boom when print-media was still the basic currency of the realm; however, more than 10 years later it has become virtually impossible to keep up with today’s fire-hose flow of online digital information or to compete with professional mining news bundling sites whose primary function is to harvest that information and whose business model is based on collecting fees for access to it. We are a team of geologists and our business model is based on the results of successful mineral exploration.

Thanks and “Siempre Adelante”.